Services for people with disabilities



Article 1 General
The OASTH pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 3 of Article 17 of Law 3185/2003 (FEK A '229 / 26.9.2003) throughout the course provider urban transport services to passengers in the area of responsibility, and shall have placed on the free (no ticket) moving people with disabilities and other Persons with Disabilities (A.meA), only two (2) specially adapted vehicles transport wheelchairs and escorts them. Also, OASTH has one (1) additional vehicle that functions as a backup of these two (2) vehicles.

Article 2 Equipment - Air Vehicle
At each location a wheelchair, will be installed by the current provisions, provided through containment and security.
The positions of the Summit will have an approved type belts.
The vehicles will be fitted with heating, cooling, and so far technically possible and integrated fridge to meet water needs transported A.meA.
The exterior color of the bus is white, which could OASTH indicate thereon the logo and name, as well as social messages about the service A.meA. or overlap and the entire outer surface thereof.

Article 3 Hours Traffic - Service
The OASTH required to provide this service A.meA service. as follows:

    During weekdays and Saturdays between 06:00 hours and 22:00.

                  (A Shift: 06:00 -14.00, B ¨ Shift: 14.00-22.00)

    On Sundays and holidays from 7:00 to 15:00 hours.

Article 4 Procedure for service "A.meA."
1. With these vehicles will serve the A.meA. After telephone prearrangement - appointments, or the previous one, either the same day (at least two hours before the time when the movement for the proper functioning of the service) the movement of A.meA and their escorts to and from their destination (home, entertainment, hospital, etc.).
2. With these vehicles after prearrangement with the Parents Association A.meA. or associations of A.meA etc., may be arranged transport for social purposes (events etc.), at least two (2) days before the day of travel.
3. Movements A.meA with these vehicles are made from and to the entire area of responsibility OASTH
4. The A.meA and escorts them to serve the specific vehicles OASTH, communicate, on the day before or the same day, the bodies responsible OASTH in two (2), at least phone numbers that make the OASTH and operate at least during the hours of 7:30 to 21:30 every day (weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays) to register the movement and all relevant details (place and time of embarkation - landing etc. ).
5. First priority right movement have physically disabled "A.meA." (With wheelchair or mobility serious problem that prevents them from using conventional accessible buses) (Priority "1") to whom the opportunity to call in OASTH from 07:30 until 10:00 the previous day to plan the first move they want. Then those with 100% visual impairment (Think "2") to whom the opportunity to call in OASTH from 10:30 to 12:00 for planning the move who want and then from 12:30 to 14:00 the other categories A.meA (Priority "3") to be served on the available free intervals or a combined movement, after meeting the travel demands of the first two categories A.meA. After 15:00 is possible and the 3 categories A.meA. plan to move the remaining available free intervals or a combined movement. To accommodate as many A.meA. put the following restrictions:
6. a. Each A.meA. entitled to a maximum of one (1) full movement to and from your destination or two (2) simple daily movements.
b. If satisfied, in principle, all claims submitted travel and are available periodically to the service program already configured, users can also travel in all categories A.meA. beyond the limits set out in that subparagraph a . The addition of a paragraph, move requests, made by telephone or the previous day at 18.00, either the same day of travel, but at least two (2) hours before the meeting.
7. The executive officers of OASTH assess the demands of travel "A.meA., shall design and routing, and route or routes of vehicles to serve in the best possible way and as many A.meA.

Article 5 Rights and obligations of passengers and A.meA OASTH
1. Each A.meA. to join the service program to those vehicles required to file an application with the necessary information to be served (name, address and work phone numbers, normal destination, etc.), the disability rate was (for proof of a certificate of a competent public health service) and any other additional information that would facilitate the process of its future service.
2. Each A.meA. Removable with these vehicles, required to prompt attendance at appointments for moving. For smooth implementation of daily program service, the vehicle does not expect the proposed passenger A.meA. and companion than five (5) minutes of time from the specified appointment time. The verification of compliance or non of the above will be via the telematics system OASTH
3. The A.meA. If they do not appear in the default date beyond that time limit of five (5) minutes of time, loses the right of this movement and the special truck A.meA. leave to continue the program.
4. Occur if two (2) non A.meA turnouts. to planned movements, the right move for one (1) calendar month and each new non-attendance lost the right to move for an additional calendar month, and after the fifth non-attendance, further service that A.meA. reviewed by the authorized bodies OASTH Each non-attendance at appointments lapse after six (6) months from the date of non-attendance of A.meA.
5. The A.meA. required to timely update {at least the day before or a minimum of two (2) hours before the agreed time when the movement of designated agent} OASTH, to cancel the already agreed to move. Failing timely notice of cancellation of an already confirmed travel, moving charged in A.meA. as non-attendance.
6. In the case where the OASTH cancel or not, for whatever reason, to implement the planned move, or delay the passage of a specific vehicle, five (5) minutes of time from the default appointment time is required to notify promptly by all appropriate means the passenger A.meA.
7. The elements of A.meA. not be divulged in any way by OASTH or any organ thereof or given to any third party (confidential personal data).

Article 6 Staff training service A.meA.
The OASTH ensure the training of officials of the transport of A.meA. through specialized seminars.

Article 7 Additional benefits
The OASTH, the best and safest service A.meA., It also offers persons carried:
1. Escort required on first shift during the weekdays. The Escorts and Drivers (on days and hours that are not session), if the transferred A.meA. not accompanied ensure assist A.meA. so that the boarding and disembarkation take place in the safest possible way. Clarified that the Escorts and Drivers are not required to move the A.meA. away from a specific vehicle servicing. Required to assist the A.meA. the boarding and alighting at the exact predetermined meeting point, which comes in A.meA. with sole responsibility or the metaphor.
2. Providing bottled water (0,5 lit) during the summer (July - August), if requested by transportable A.meA.

Article 8: Cooperation with links A.meA.
The OASTH the purpose and objective the best possible service to A.meA., May cooperate with associations of Parents A.meA. Associations or Federations or Associations or A.meA. (Paraplegic, etc.).

Article 9 Amendments to Regulation
This Regulation shall be amended whenever the Minister of Transport and Communications, following the recommendation of S.A.S.TH. and opinion OASTH

Article 10 Validity
The validity of this Regulation shall start on the 1st of next month, the publication thereof in the Gazette, so cease to apply under No. A-75442/6521/26-1-2005 (B 146) Decision 'Rules-Operation and Organization of Care transferred Disability (children with special needs), with special buses OASTH. "