Thessaloniki Public Transport Authority (THEPTA) is a decentralized public authority created in 2001 (Law 2898/2001) and is supervised by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.
It has the responsibility for decision making on matters relating to public passenger transport and the transport system in general at the geographical area of the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki.
THEPTA is governed by a council of eleven members appointed by the Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, for a term of three years.

Its members represent:

  • Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks (Chairman),
  • Ministry of Finance,
  • Ministry of Macedonia – Thrace Regions,
  • Regional Authority of Central Macedonia,
  • Local Authorities,
  • General Police Headquarters of Thessaloniki and
  • The Labour Center of Thessaloniki.

The chairman of the Board and a representative of the employees of OASTH can be present in THEPTA’s council meetings without holding a voting right. Representatives from various other stakeholders in Thessaloniki may be also invited to participate without voting rights.
The council members have independence of political expression and individual responsibility, but the Council is a collective governing body with its own regulation. Through consensus among the members and with the involvement of local stakeholders, THEPTA ensures a reliable and efficient transport policy.
Today THEPTA envisions and prepares its transformation into a single Transport and Mobility authority along the lines of other European Transport Authorities.