Urban transport in Thessaloniki tomorrow ...

THEPTA, in cooperation with institutional bodies of the central government and the local authorities, shapes the future transportation map of the broader Thessaloniki area, regarding infrastructure as well as network operation and mobility of citizens.
The new Integrated Strategic Transport Infrastructure Plan (Master Plan) of Thessaloniki, emphasizes on public transport and fixed track systems, and includes:

•    Extension of the basic Metro line to the municipality of Kalamaria
•    Construction of a second depot in the area of Mikra terminal (first generation of extensions)
•    Extension of the Metro line to Stavroupolis and Efkarpia (second generation of extensions)
•    Extension of the Metro line to Ampelokipi and Evosmos and connection to the inter urban bus terminal “Makedonia” in Dendropotamos area (third generation of extensions)
•    Connection of the Metro line from Mikra to the Thessaloniki International Airport with a fixed track transport system (third generation of extensions)
•    Creating a second Metro line, starting from the area of the University connecting Toumba and Charilaou areas (fourth generation of extensions)
•    Construction of one or two tram lines, in addition to the metro system
•    Connection of Sindos Community to the Railway Station of Thessaloniki with suburban railway
•    Construction of integrated multimodal metro terminals at the stations Mikra, Papageorgiou Hospital and Evosmos
•    Expanding the network of bus lanes in the area of Thessaloniki

THEPTA also promotes the implementation of short sea urban transport (in cooperation with local bodies) and the implementation of a joint and intelligent smart card Integrated Ticketing / Automatic Fare Collection system in the area of its jurisdiction. The time horizon for the system operation is 2014.

THEPTA looks into the future with optimism and it is confident that in the next five years the citizens and visitors of Thessaloniki will be living in an environment favouring the use of public transport modes and at the same time will enable the improvement of quality of life.
The target of THEPTA is "go with public transport wherever you want."

THEPTA tomorrow ...

THEPTA already prepares for its transition into an Integrated Transport and Mobility Authority for Thessaloniki. It participates in the European project EPTA funded by the INTERREG IVC Programme and aims to utilize best practices for setting up such an authority from different European cities, so that its institutional evolution is successful.

In this respect THEPTA will undertake responsibilities in new areas such as:
•    tendering and contract award for passenger transport services in a liberalized market,
•    integration of supply and supervision of all new public transport modes in Thessaloniki
•    promotion of every action and activity in managing transport and mobility