Goals & Priorities

THEPTA is authorized to decide on issues related to design, planning, supervision and control of urban transport in the greater metropolitan area of Thessaloniki. Moreover, it monitors the compliance of the contractual obligations of OASTH with the ability to impose penalties for violations and consults, for the modification of the area of transportation services offered by OASTH. THEPTA addresses issues falling in the area of its responsibilities ex officio or on referrals and recommendations of the Ministers of Transport and Communications, Finance and Macedonia-Thrace, the Union of Cities of Thessaloniki County or the Mayor of Thessaloniki and the OASTH.


Area of jurisdiction THITA

THEPTA applies a step-by-step approach, undertakes and implements initiatives and actions envisaged by its legislation, or considered necessary by the detection of everyday problems. The main action lines of THEPTA are summarized below:

Policy making
•    sets strategic goals and guidelines on public transport and environmentally friendly transport modes (bicycle, walking)
•    promotes innovative systems to serve citizens (electronic fare payment, passenger information)
•    exercises social policy
•    promotes public transport preferential treatment by creating bus lanes
•    promotes creative partnerships, with local and national bodies, to serve commuters


•    shapes the transportation map of Thessaloniki (by creating new and modifying existing bus routes, by optimizing time tables and bus stop locations, by exploring the feasibility of new public transport modes)
•    creates attractive services for visitors
•    serves the transportation needs of school students by adjusting existing bus routes
•    plans and defines locations for  bus terminals and transfer stations

•    ensures the high level provision of OASTH transport services in quantitative and qualitative terms and evaluates its operational performance (by developing system quality indicators and introducing quality assurance standards)
•    creates the infrastructure for establishing and implementing a benchmarking system for transport services
•    studies and makes recommendation, to the responsible Ministry, for the expansion of OASTH service area
•    studies and approves the operation of intra-municipal / inter-municipal bus transport
•    mediates on dispute settlements between citizens-passengers and OASTH
•    prepares the scene for a deregulated market for passenger transport in the next years on the basis of the obligations emerging from Regulation (EC) 1370/07.

Informing and awareness raising
•    organizes events as part of the European Mobility Week and Car Free days to promote the mobility of people with public transport and non-motorized transport modes
•    participates as a partner in the consortium responsible for the operation of the Mobility Center (KEM), together with the Municipality of Kalamaria, the ANATOLIKI Development SA and the Hellenic Institute for Transport - CERTH and promotes the expansion of the Mobility Center concept in other areas of Thessaloniki
•    designs and distributes information material and brochures to citizens and visitors of the city.

Studies and Cooperates
studies and prepares draft legislative interventions for the following matters:
•    establishment and operation of Bus Lane
•    construction and extensions of the Metro line
•    planning and implementation of short sea urban transport
•    planning of cycle network
•    increase the fleet of OASTH