European Mobility Week


European Mobility Week is an awareness raising campaign that is organised in European towns and cities every year since 2002, from 16 to 22 September. The overall aim of the European Mobility Week campaign is to inform and sensibilise citizens to urban mobility matters and to promote the use of public transport and other modes (cycling, walking, etc) as alternative to the use of private car. Participating cities organise several activities in order to encourage sustainable transport modes and raise public awareness on their advantages. Also, cities often launch permanent measures which contribute to modal transfer from private car to environmentally sound means of transport improving the situation of sustainable transport in their city.At the top of the campaign, on the "Car Free Day", i.e. on September 22, the local authorities usually organise an "In Town Without My Car" event, implementing restrictions for motorised traffic in certain central areas, where traffic is allowed only for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. More details about the European Mobility Week is available on the dedicated European website (

In the last few years, Thessaloniki greater area has participated in European Mobility Week with several actions organised by municipalities and other public and/ or private organisations in order to highlight the issue of private car use reduction.

In this context, THEPTA, being the responsible authority for public transport in Thessaloniki, takes some actions every year aiming at the promotion of the use of public transportation modes and the overall change of citizens’ mentality and behaviour in urban mobility matters.

Further details about the actions taken by THEPTA and other bodies during the European Mobility Week are available in the file below.

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